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GRIPTINITE™ takes your performance to the next level with a long-lasting solution specifically designed to alleviate all your grip problems.


GRIPTINITE™ is an entirely new formula that utilises the latest technology in grip performance. To ensure your safety at all times, we’ve used only the highest quality ingredients specifically designed to beat rain, humidity, sweat and body oils.

Our unique anti-gelling solution means there is zero waste and you get the maximum performance out of every application.

And best of all, GRIPTINITE™ is ready to work when you are with its instant activation; so you’ll never be left on the sideline again!


Unlock a new layer of confidence with our easy-to-follow method.


Wash hands with warm soapy water and dry with a towel.


Squeeze a small amount into hands and rub in, making sure you cover hands completely.


Wait 15-20 seconds to allow the liquid to set.


Grip confidently with your new superpower grip!


What is Griptinite?

Griptinite is a liquid chalk/grip aid designed specifically to alleviate grip problems.

Who uses Griptinite?

Griptinite is an excellent solution if you are a sports enthusiast who’s performance or workout is likely to be compromised by slippery hands or feet caused by sweat, body-oils or moisture .  This includes (but definitely not limited to):  pole dancing, aerial silks, lyra/aerial hoop, acrobatics, crossfit, calisthenics, rugby, golf, equestrian sports, tennis, bowling, baseball, football, basketball, gymnastics, wood chopping, gaming, strength training and weightlifting.

What is the benefit of using Griptinite?

There are many benefits:

1. It’s more convenient and less messy than powder chalk.

2. It comes in a handy bottle that can be taken anywhere.

3. Because it’s a liquid its much kinder on your lungs whereas powder chalk creates a fine powder that is easily aerosolized and can cause breathing difficulties for people with asthma.

4. Griptinite is also classified as a hand sanitiser so it will provide you with an extra layer of protection when using equipment that is also shared by others.

How do I use Griptinite?

Always start by washing and drying your hands. Shake the bottle well to activate the ingredients. Apply a small pea size amount to your hands. Spread the liquid evenly across your hands (once this is done do not continue to rub), just let it dry for around 15-20 seconds then you’re good to go

Where can I use Griptinite?

Griptinite can be used on different parts on your body such as the hands, feet, knee pits, shoulders and thighs. 

What is the difference between Griptinite and traditional powder chalk?

Griptinite comes in handy bottles that can be taken anywhere.  It wont leave a mess on your equipment, cloths or in your bag.  Powder chalk on the other hand, typically comes in square blocks that need to be crushed before use and the best way to store these blocks is in plastic containers. Often chalk dust escapes and creates a mess, staining anything it touches.

Traditional powder chalk is especially annoying for those who are trying to maintain a clean environment in their gyms and studios. Vacuuming chalk is tedious and expensive.  For this reason, many gyms have outright banned powder chalk.

Does Liquid Chalk provide a better grip?

Liquid is much easier to apply than powder chalk.  The coating provided by liquid chalk also sticks better to the hands and lasts longer. Powder chalk on the other hand takes longer to apply properly, and despite the effort will not stick quite as well.

Where is Griptinite NZ based?

Griptinite NZ is based in Tauranga, NZ.

Is Griptinite vegan friendly?

Yes it is and it’s cruelty free as well.

How long will delivery take?

Please allow 1-3 working days from the date of despatch for most North Island addresses and 3-5 days for the South Island.  Rural addresses may take a few days more.  Covid restrictions may impact delivery times and cause delays.

Why is it important to have a good grip?

Not only does poor grip prevent peak performance but it can directly and indirectly cause injury. Namely, reduced grip forces us to engage our forearms and hands more, causing faster fatigue and unnecessary muscle tension.

Metal surfaces are notoriously slippery and can definitely benefit from Griptinite. Gymnastics and calisthenics bars, as well as the poles used in pole dancing are the best use scenarios for Griptinite. Slipping while performing skills in these sports can be disastrous, hence liquid chalk is a necessary safety measure.

Griptinite can also be used on wooden, plastic and rubber surfaces. Wooden surfaces provide the most grip with the application of chalk due to the coarser fibres of the material, but metal surfaces receive the most benefit from the application of chalk as they provide the least grip without it. Other common applications for Griptinite include gymnastics rings, parallel bars, kettlebells, weights, battle ropes, gym equipment, golf clubs, rugby balls, tennis/squash racquets, etc.


No matter what physical activity you participate in, GRIPTINITE™ is the ideal choice to help you improve your performance even in the most extreme conditions. Our non-sticky formula can also be used in the workplace where high levels of grip is required.



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